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  • Online Versus In-Person Fitness Coaching: Which is Right for You?

    With the rise of the internet, more and more people have been choosing to go with online fitness coaching for their training needs. Having this option is great, but for some people there is no replacement for having their training done in person with an instructor. Luckily no one needs to be locked into using one or the other, so choosing either option is all dependent on what you are looking for. View Post
  • Advanced Protein Powder Formulas

    In an effort to bring you the best quality protein powder, brands are taking things to the next level. If you’re still using a protein powder that is a plain-old whey concentrate or a blend of concentrate and casein, you need to step out of the 90’s and into the new age to take your results and physique to the next level. View Post
  • What to Look for When Looking for a Fitness Coach

    We hate to say it, but these days everyone who competes in fitness competitions thinks they can call themselves a fitness coach simply based off of their looks – sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The business and liability side of fitness coaching as well as getting people in shape (safely) goes way deeper than that. View Post