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  • What to Look for When Looking for a Fitness Coach

    We hate to say it, but these days everyone who competes in fitness competitions thinks they can call themselves a fitness coach simply based off of their looks – sorry, it doesn’t work that way. The business and liability side of fitness coaching as well as getting people in shape (safely) goes way deeper than that. View Post
  • The Benefits of Coffee for Health and Fitness

    When you think of morning beverages, what comes to mind? Probably coffee. Coffee is the most consumed morning beverage across the nation – yet, people only think to drink it due to either its taste or the fact that it has caffeine in it and can help wake them up on their way to work. What people fail to realize is that there are other benefits to come along with your favorite cup of Joe. View Post
  • The Power of PEAK ATP®

    These days many people are looking for ways to boost their performance in order to get their desired results – whether it be weight/physique related or athletic performance related.  One hot new ingredient being used by brands is PEAK ATP®. Here’s what you need to know about PEAK ATP® and why brands like Divided Labs are utilizing it. View Post