4 Helpful Strategies to Stay Productive Throughout the Day

4 Helpful Strategies to Stay Productive Throughout the Day

For many of us, we are easily distracted – look, squirrel! But in all seriousness, if you want to stay productive throughout the day, there are some strategies you need to utilize. We all get the same 24 hours in a day, yet not everyone is able to capitalize on them because we are being pulled in so many directions by people who want our attention. Here are some key ways to make sure you stay productive and focused.

1. Turn off phone notifications

One of the best ways to stay productive throughout the day is to simply turn off all the notifications on your phone. Depending on your job, you might not even need your cellphone during work hours. Therefore, any ding, buzz, beep, or ring coming from your cellphone is an unnecessary distraction and one that you need to eliminate. Turn off all your notifications or simply turn off your phone so you can stay on task and stay productive.

2. Stay off social media

Social media can suck the life out of you and your productivity. What happens if you “just want to check something?” You end up scrolling through your entire newsfeed even though you just wanted to check for one thing on a social platform. If you don’t need social media during the day to complete your job, eliminate it. If need be, use an app that locks you out of certain applications on your phone during certain hours of the day. Doing such will ensure you are focused on what needs to be accomplished and allow you to stay productive throughout the day.

3. Close out of your email

Something people don’t realize is that when you get an email, someone else is demanding your attention. It’s not something YOU want or need to do, it’s generally something that someone else wants from you. Unless you’re part of customer service where you field emails all day long, close out of your email and only check it once or twice a day. If you are anything like me in the past, every time I would see the notification that I received an email I would drop what I was doing and check the email – only to find out it was junk or something that was not urgent. It will take some getting used to but this is a fantastic way to stay more productive.

4. Schedule EVERYTHING

Someone wants to sit down at work and talk to you about something? Schedule it. A client wants to hop on a call and discuss something? Schedule it. Have workouts you need to fit in this week? Schedule them. See a common theme? Your time is your time and don’t let just anyone walk in and use up what time you have in the day to stay productive and get things done. No one will value your time if you, yourself, don’t value your own time. Stay more productive throughout the day by scheduling everything you need to accomplish and work on. Don’t allow pop-up meetings to interrupt your productivity. And unless a meeting is super important where you need to be present in order to make a decision, don’t go (unless your boss is making it mandatory). Also, put a time limit on meetings if you are the organizer. If what you want answers on is a 10-minute conversation, tell everyone you only have 10 minutes for the meeting. That will prevent side-conversations which are off-topic that will stretch things out to 30+ minutes and crush your productivity.

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Author: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN  

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