The Power of PEAK ATP®

The Power of PEAK ATP®

These days many people are looking for ways to boost their performance in order to get their desired results – whether it be weight/physique related or athletic performance related. One hot new ingredient being used by brands is PEAK ATP® by TSI USA Inc. They own the patent for the ingredient that can then be used by various supplement companies to be added to their product formulations. Here’s what you need to know about PEAK ATP® and why companies like Divided Labs are recommending it.

*PEAK ATP® is considered safe for use by athletes of all sports and at the time of writing/publishing this article it is not banned by any governing athletic body or organizations which includes WADA, MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and NWBF.

What are the benefits of PEAK ATP®?

     1. Clinically Proven

With so many claims being made by various brands, you never know what is legit and what are just frivolous claims. With PEAK ATP®, you are getting scientifically-backed studies that show it has been proven to work. This gives you the peace of mind needed to know that what you are taking has actual science behind it.

     2. Increases Strength and Power

Research was conducted and based off of the findings compared to a control group, individuals who supplemented with PEAK ATP® have been found to be able to increase their strength by as much as 147% and their power by as much as 30%. This can allow the individual to not only lift more weight but can also help increase the overall number of repetitions that can be achieved each set.

     3. Reduces Muscular Fatigue

A limiting factor everyone faces in the gym is muscular fatigue. If you are able to reduce fatigue, you are able to push harder during your workout and training session. PEAK ATP® has been found to reduce muscular fatigue which leads to an increase in muscular endurance. This finding makes PEAK ATP® great for inclusion in a pre-workout formula.

     4. Enhances Vasodilation

The pump is something everyone looks to achieve in the gym. That feeling as if your skin could just tear or that your sleeves are going to split is euphoric. Thanks to the potency of PEAK ATP®, studies have found that inclusion of this precise ingredient can help you achieve the pumps you desire. Creating an environment where your blood vessels can expand also helps nutrients more easily shuttle into the working muscles and driving oxygenated blood in while removing lactic acid and metabolic waste.

     5. Improves Lean Body Mass

When compared to placebo, individuals in studies have been found to increase their lean body mass by as much as 100%. This finding should have many elated as it can give them the ability to put on quality lean muscle mass by increasing the actual thickness of their muscle. This works best when individuals are following a training protocol cohesive to hypertrophy.

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Author: Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN  

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