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  • Cardio Showdown - HIIT Training vs Steady State Cardio

    High Intensity Interval Training has been replacing traditional cardio programs by fitness experts and gym enthusiasts at virtually every gym around the world, but is it really better?

    We had Divided Labs Training Expert Marc Shulman breakdown both forms of cardiovascular training and deliver his verdict on which style of training will deliver you the maximum benefit. 

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  • 5 Traits To Look For In A Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainers provide advanced exercise knowledge, psychological support, accountability, and an outside eye to keep you on track in pursuit of your fitness goals. Elite level athletes and new gym members both benefit from having a fitness coach, but not all trainers are created equally. How do you know if your trainer is truly accredited and not just reciting 2nd hand knowledge that could be potentially harmful to you? 

    Divided Labs Expert Trainer Marc Shulman breaks down the 5 essential traits to look for before hiring your next fitness coach, to make sure you end up in a position to win and not with a dud. View Post
  • How to Avoid Overtraining and CNS Fatigue

    When we aim to take our fitness goals or physiques to the next level, we assume more of everything is better, right? 

    Divided Labs Athlete Marc Shulman breaks down why this is not always the case, and gives his insights to help recognize and correct overtraining patterns. CNS fatigue is a very real problem for the modern athlete, make sure you are not hindering your results with Marc's easy to follow principles that will set you up to maximum your physique and overall well being.  View Post