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  • How to Avoid Overtraining and CNS Fatigue

    When we aim to take our fitness goals or physiques to the next level, we assume more of everything is better, right? 

    Divided Labs Athlete Marc Shulman breaks down why this is not always the case, and gives his insights to help recognize and correct overtraining patterns. CNS fatigue is a very real problem for the modern athlete, make sure you are not hindering your results with Marc's easy to follow principles that will set you up to maximum your physique and overall well being.  View Post
  • Core Training Techniques to Increase Power

    Are you stuck at a strength plateau and looking for a way to blast past it? 

    Divided Labs CEO Connor Cummings explains the importance of developing a strong core, why you may want to ditch that weight belt, and an easy to follow approach in developing a powerful foundation for stronger lifts.


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  • Stretching to Maximize Muscle Performance and Growth

    Stretching is overlooked and under utilized, despite its capacity to have a tremendous impact on your bodies ability to pack on new lean muscle mass.

    Divided Labs CEO Connor Cummings breaks down 2 simple techniques you can incorporate into your workout regimen to break past that plateau, increase strength and step into new untapped muscle growth.

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