Our Mission

At Divided Labs we take pride in creating innovative supplements, performance coffees and coaching platforms designed to help our customers improve workout performance and get real results. We believe that living your best life starts with a healthier body and being fit allows you to fully embrace every other aspect of living. Our mission is to redefine how people perceive their own limitations by formulating products that help our customers reach their next level and create sustainable change.

Founded in April 2015 by renowned fitness coach and human performance expert Connor Cummings, Divided Labs sole focus is to develop transparent, science-based products that create immediate impact and optimize training potential. "The supplement industry had become overran with dishonest and ineffective products. As a fitness coach my clients demanded results and I needed products that could perform at the level of a top athlete. Looking around the supplement industry, there were no legitimate options...so we created Divided Labs." (Connor Cummings, CEO of Divided Labs).

We believe that every person is an athlete. If you have a body, you are an athlete. Being an athlete is a mindset that means you work hard and want to be at your best. Divided Labs was created to serve those who always strive to achieve more and never settle for less. We believe in integrity, transparency and innovation so that athletes like you can continue to create impactful stories to inspire others.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or athlete, click here to join the Divided Army.