Every Story Has a Beginning...

As fitness enthusiasts ourselves, we were always looking for the most effective training programs available to take our training to the next level and help us achieve our goals. However, we felt like many of the coaches on the market today weren’t providing us with personalized programs that align with the results we craved and goals we set for ourselves. We finally came to a crossroads where we felt we could create a coaching platform that we knew, if it helped us reach our goals, it would also help many others do the same as well.

It was at that point, we took it upon ourselves to start intensively researching science-backed training and nutrition methodologies to create a fitness coaching program that was not only innovative but that provided our clients with the real transformation and change they were looking for to improve their results and workouts.

In June 2014, the Divided Labs® story began. The man behind the brand is no other than renowned fitness coach and human performance expert, Connor Cummings. The best thing about the Divided Labs® story is that each chapter keeps getting better and better.

We created a line of leading edge workout programs, nutritional coaching services, and an online training platform that was designed to help our athletes and clients achieve real and radical change from their training efforts. No one wants to waste their time in the gym and we all expect to see results from our efforts.

Taking things one step further, we created a coaching app where you could not only work with a Divided Labs® certified fitness coach but now you could do so from anywhere in the world. The Divided Labs® Coaching App provides you with an award winning 1-on-1 coaching experience to help you achieve success and achieve your goals.

Divided Labs Believes in You – Be Part of This Great Story.

It is everyone at Divided Labs® belief that every person is an athlete – including you. If you have a body, you are an athlete. Being an athlete is a mindset that means you work hard and want to better yourself and your abilities. Divided Labs® was created to serve people like you who always strive to achieve more and refuse to settle for anything less. Divided Labs® believes in integrity, transparency, and innovation so that athletes like you can continue to create impactful stories that impact and motivate others.

If you are interested in applying to become a Divided Labs® client, click below to schedule your introductory coaching assessment and become part of the Divided Labs® community.