You expect the best when you choose a trainer and where Divided Labs® Fitness Coaching separates itself from the rest is being a preferred partner and facility of the NASM. All of Divided Labs® fitness coaches are certified through the most respected name in the fitness certification industry – the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

While some coaches out there get an overnight certification online, your professional fitness coach goes through a multitude of training and exams to be able to put “NASM-certified” next to their name. Not everyone can become certified through such a prestigious accreditation which makes NASM trainers some of the most elite fitness coaches available and highly sought after. You can take pride in knowing you’re working with the best of the best who will cater to your individual wants and needs.

When results matter, go with a coaching company who has the credentials needed to provide you with the best coaching experience to help you reach your goals and who you can trust. Divided Labs® Fitness Coaching and the NASM is a winning combination!