Individualized Fitness Programs from REAL Coaches

Are you sick of not getting results? Have you tried other coaching programs only to be disappointed? That ends today.

Divided Labs prides ourselves in bringing you the most qualified NASM certified coaches in the world to help you get the results you desire through individualized fitness programs. These individualized fitness programs are developed and tailored with your specific goals and lifestyle in mind. There are no cookie-cutter or recycled programs here – only custom programs designed to suit YOUR needs.

Your Divided Labs coach will become your partner through all of this to help you connect the dots towards achieving your desired outcome. Each coach will provide you with the necessary tools and guidance through our 100% individualized fitness programs. Not only will you be provided with a custom training program through our Divided Labs Coaching App interface but our highly-skilled certified coaches will also give you helpful nutrition advice according to your specific goals.

It is our promise to be there with you and by your side the entire time – supporting you and keeping you on track. Your goal is our goal and together we can make it happen!

What Can You Expect from Divided Labs Coaching?

  • The Assessment: 30-minute scheduled chat to introduce you to your coach so that we can get a better understanding of where you are, what you’re looking for, and how we are going to structure your tailored and individualized fitness program.

  • Workout Programs: The word cookie-cutter belongs in the kitchen, not your workout program. Your coach will deliver an individualized fitness program specific to your goals, directly to your phone via our Divided Labs Coaching App. This allows you to arrive at the gym fully prepared to complete your individualized fitness program every time you train.

  • Nutrition Guidance: Your nutrition needs to be specific to you and your goals. Our qualified coaches will develop a nutrition program that will help you understand what you should be eating and how much. From there, our Divided Labs Coaching App will integrate directly with MyFitnessPal or Fitbit to allow you and your coach the ability to monitor your eating habits and make any necessary adjustments as you progress.

  • Daily Connect: There may be questions that arise throughout your program. Our coaches are available daily to chat with you through our Divided Labs Coaching App to answer any and all questions you may have.

  • Check-Ins: Many people need someone to help them stay accountable on a weekly basis. That’s where our weekly check-ins come into play. Once a week you’ll connect with your coach and provide a recap to how your training is going, reassess your progress, and discuss any changes that might need to be made to your individualized fitness program.

Go 1-on-1 with Award Winning Fitness Coaches

"There is no one in fitness coaching who empowers their clients or creates the sustainable change that we do at Divided Labs. We've cultivated a fitness coaching system that has a proven track record of getting our clients results and taking athletes to the next level. We find the emotional goal that truly matters to you then work together to achieve it. The programs we design are easy to follow and specifically tailored to your goals. We'll create an individualized nutrition plan and send you workouts right to your coaching app. The flexibility of our approach helps you achieve the outcome you desire and maintain your transformation for a lifetime." - Connor Cummings, CEO of Divided Labs.

What Options Are Available?

In-Person Coaching: Do you live in or around the Crystal Lake, IL area? If so and are looking for one-on-one in-person coaching, we can accommodate your needs. Get the added accountability of having someone there with you during your workouts. You will get hands-on experience with a qualified fitness coach who will not only ensure you’re using proper form for each exercise but who will also help you push further and harder than you would on your own. In-person coaching is a great way to fast-track your results.

Remote Coaching: Enjoy the freedom to work with a highly-skilled certified fitness coach anytime, anywhere, and without the need to meet in-person. Remote coaching is ideal for clients who want the support of an award-winning coaching service but have a busier than normal schedule or do not live near our training facility.

The coaching option that is right for you is truly specific to your individual needs as well as your location. Regardless of your choice, you will receive a fully custom and individualized fitness program to help you reach your goals along with our Divided Labs Coaching App platform to track and monitor your progress. No matter what you choose, you will be provided with the best service possible and the guidance needed to achieve the results you desire.

Are You Ready?

We’re ready to change your life. Are you?

Schedule your introductory 30-minute Fitness Consultation with a Divided Labs Certified Fitness Coach today to get started!

12 Weeks is All You Need to Transform Your Life and Body!

Are you willing to remove all excuses and dedicate yourself to a program that can change your life forever? Here are some examples of Divided Labs coaching clients who were sick of not seeing results through other programs or on their own and committed themselves to the Divided Labs 12-week Coaching Program.

"Before starting with Connor I approached my contest prep with a very rigid nutritional plan and my training was lacking in some areas that I just couldn’t see myself. Connor has me on a more flexible “dieting” approach in and out of season which is very unusual for me. Within the first week I was hooked. I am able to adapt my nutritional plan based on MY life and not what someone tells me I have to do. It is very sustainable and completely enjoyable.

I can't say enough about Connor as a trainer and as a person. He’s extremely dedicated to me and available whenever I need him. He’s not just someone behind a screen, he’s a person right beside you on your journey.

In just 12 weeks he has allowed me to maintain my weight but still pack on lean muscle AND make major strides in my strength. I can say with certainty he has changed the game for me."

Ashley S.

"I initially joined a cheap gym and wasn't sure if the training I was doing was even working. I was self conscious when I first started but little wins like going a size down in a hoodie gave me motivation and helped me build confidence. I was concerned about the cost of hiring a coach but after a few weeks with Connor I knew this was the right move for me.

I started feeling myself get stronger and I became more dedicated. Connor is not only a friend, he's a "Bro" because when I'm struggling with something in life or the gym I talk to him and he gives me awesome advice. Recently I've started logging my food on the program and have seen amazing results, I dropped 3% body fat and added 4 lbs of lean muscle just 10 days!

Since starting my journey I've lost over 130 lbs, ran the Chicago Marathon and I don't see this partnership ending anytime soon!👍💪👊"

Matt G.

"Over the last 3 months of coaching I've seen incredible results. Connor gave me a nutrition plan, sends me weekly workouts, and answers all my questions. Before signing up I had limited experience in the gym. My goal is to add muscle and build strength while reducing body fat.

This program has allowed me to do that with clear guidelines, knowledgeable coaches, and weekly check-ins. So far, I've gone from 185 lbs on deadlift to 405 lbs. Since joining, every aspect of my life has changed for the better. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

Alex M.

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