• In-Person Coaching at Forge Fitness - Weekly Plan

In-Person Coaching at Forge Fitness - Weekly Plan

$ 60.00

Want to get results? Get a coach now.

Divided Labs coaching is unlike any other training service in the world. Our team of nationally certified coaches is focused on you getting results and will help you put together a game plan so you reach your goals. Every coach has achieved outstanding results in their own lives and has demonstrated the unique ability to bring the best out of their clients.

Your coach will become a trusted friend who helps you connect all the dots and will give you the tools you need to finally get the results you deserve. Our programs are 100% individualized and designed with your specific goals in mind. You'll receive training and nutritional advice for the specific goals you're after, with the benefit of consistent support to keep you on track.

What Can You Expect From Coaching?

  1. The Assessment - 30 minute face to face video chat to kick things off with your coach, so we can understand where you are currently and get you ready to begin your training program.
  2. Workout Program - You pick how many days you want to train with your coach in-person at Forge Fitness and the rest of your workouts get delivered right into your Divided Labs coaching app.
  3. Nutrition Guidance - Your nutrition needs to be specific to your goals. We'll begin with a detailed nutritional analysis so you know what you should be eating and how much. From there, our coaching app integrates directly with Myfitnesspal or Fitbit, so your coach can begin monitoring your eating habits and progressing your nutrition.
  4. Daily Connect - You'll be able to chat with your coach directly in your app whenever you need to and they'll be there to answer any questions you have along the way. 
  5. Free Gym Access - You don't have to budget for a gym membership and coaching, we'll cover your monthly dues to Forge Fitness.

Your best results will come with a personalized approach from a professional coach. Sign up now and we will contact you to begin your program!