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Isovide® Whey Protein Powder - 2lb

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Benefits of Using Isovide®:

  • Maximize lean muscle growth potential
  • Enhance recovery, performance, and strength
  • Fast-digesting whey protein sources
  • Digestive enzyme support
  • Low in fat, carbs, and sugar
  • Delicious dessert-inspired flavors
  • Mixes easily with the beverage of your choice

Improved Digestion for Enhanced Muscle Building

Isovide® combines rapidly absorbable cross-flow cold-infused microfiltrated whey protein isolates and hydrolysates with incredibly delicious dessert inspired flavors to help you meet your recommended daily protein requirements. Each serving of Isovide® supplies the body with 25g of easily digestible, high-quality muscle-building whey protein.

Are you looking for enhanced muscle building? One factor that not many people consider when purchasing a protein powder is the actual digestion and absorption of the whey protein powder they are using. Are you getting the best bang for your buck or are you literally excreting the protein powder without it being shuttled out to and utilized by the working muscles to aid in recovery?

Unlike other protein powders, Isovide® contains carefully selected digestive enzymes in the formula. What this does is aid in the breakdown and digestion of the product to help assimilate the nutrients and shuttle them out to the working muscles to help speed up and improve the recovery process.

You can’t recover properly if you aren’t utilizing the protein you ingest. For that reason, the added digestive enzyme complex found in Isovide® plays a key role in the formulation. In addition, you can experience reduced stomach bloating and gastric discomfort compared to other protein powders you have used in the past thanks to the digestive enzyme complex.

Results-Driven Formula

The formula found in Isovide® allows the product to be utilized any time of day. Whether taken in the morning, between meals, or post-workout, Isovide® provides your body with the key nutrients necessary to help promote strength, lean muscle mass, fat loss, and proper recovery.

With a profile that is low in fat, carbohydrates, and sugars, it allows you the ability to combine Isovide® with your favorite fat and/or carbohydrate source dependent on your individual nutritional needs or simply use it as is for a guilt-free treat that can maximize workout recovery, performance, and strength.

When it’s results you demand, Isovide® delivers!