• Performance Coffees - 12oz

Performance Coffees - 12oz

$ 14.95

Coffee for Athletes Who Demand More

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? The inviting aroma that awakens your senses during the brewing process. The taste of your first cup of the day. And the energy and health benefits that come along with that magical beverage we call coffee. We know what to expect from coffee but unfortunately, not all coffee is created equal. Let me introduce you to Divided Labs Performance Coffees.

The Divided Labs Performance Coffee Beans come from the most trusted sources in the world. We did extensive research and handpicked our suppliers to ensure each batch of our premium performance coffee is free of toxins and mold that many consumers are regrettably unaware exist in some of the cheaper coffees on the market today – which can not only decrease your performance but also compromise your health.

You Order… We DELIVER

We roast our premium performance coffees on the same day as we ship for whole bean orders and next day for our ground coffees. Upon delivery, you will immediately experience the difference in flavor as well as the aroma of our Divided Labs roast-to-order coffees compared to cheap store-bought alternatives that lose their freshness while sitting on a shelf. As soon as you place your Divided Labs coffee order, we begin roasting and your fresh coffee ships directly to you.

What Makes Single-Origin Coffee Better?

To better explain this, we first need to understand that coffee beans get their own distinct characteristics from the soil, climate, and elevation from where they are grown. The conditions of each geographic region create a distinguished flavor profile that is very specific to its origin. For instance, a Columbian coffee will have a different flavor and taste when compared to a Brazilian coffee.

The Divided Labs Performance Coffees are single-origin, meaning they are all sourced from a single location rather than multiple (think along the lines of a blend) which can alter the taste and characteristics of the coffee.

Having a single-origin coffee provides you with a very distinguished flavor, unlike any other coffee you have tried in the past. Each premium performance coffee we provide will have its own unique flavor. The fun begins when you start trying our performance coffee from different origins and expanding your palate.

Power Your Life While Boosting Performance

When you reach for a cup of coffee, you want something that is flavorful and satisfying, yet one that provides you with health and performance benefits as well. And for that reason, the Divided Labs Performance Coffee is what should be poured into your favorite coffee cup.

We guarantee the Divided Labs Performance Coffees will not disappoint. In fact, the flavor explosion you experience from our single-origin performance coffee beans will leave you wondering why anyone would ever go back to any other coffee source ever again.

These premium performance coffees will help supply you with a clean energy source to fuel your mind and body so you can go forth and dominate your day. In addition, they will provide powerful antioxidant protection to aid in reducing free radical damage which can negatively impact your health.

Divided Labs Performance Coffee Beans were meticulously selected to ensure you experience the scientifically proven performance-enhancing benefits of a premium grade coffee that can fuel you in the office as well as the gym. Regardless of where the day takes you, a cup of Divided Labs Performance Coffee will make any day better.

Single-Origin Performance Coffee Flavor Guide


  • Brazil Coffee offers wonderful floral aroma hints along with an aroma of vanilla & almond plus sweet chocolate, cinnamon and even a slight hint of strawberry.

  • Colombia Coffee features flavor of vanilla and chocolate together with a fruity taste and a sweet floral aroma. This 100% Arabica coffee has a citrus lemon acidity and you'll enjoy the sweet buttery aftertaste.

  • Costa Rica Coffee is from the Tarrazu coffee region with a pleasant acidity and its tasting notes include a brown-sugary sweetness, citrusy notes and apricot-like fruity flavors.

  • Guatemala Coffee is known for having a full body and a rich chocolate/cocoa flavor, plus a toffee-like sweetness.

  • Nicaragua Coffee has a medium to smooth body and a mild yet distinct acidity. This coffee can have rich yet subtle flavors and a balanced sweetness followed with a nutty bouquet with hints of vanilla.

  • Tanzania Coffee has a bright and vibrant, wine-like acidity. It can even be sharp, with a deep, rich, and strong taste. Some say it can have a sweet berry-like, fruity flavor and occasionally hints of cedar.

Do You Use a K-Cup?

Refillable K-Cups aren’t only excellent for you and your personal enjoyment, they are also extremely helpful to our planet. Help reduce your carbon footprint ♻ by reusing your refillable K-Cups all while enjoying your favorite Divided Labs Coffee ☕.